How do I create an end product using your graphics that meets your licensing requirements?

It can sometimes get a little confusing so to make things a little easier to understand here’s a visual overview to help you get started, but please let me know if you still need help after you’ve checked it out.

Do you take on commissions?

While I would love to take on commissions, at this stage I am unable to find the extra time. 

Can I use your svg designs to create things like molds or transfer images for sale?

No. End products that allow my designs to be easily extracted and used by a third party is not permitted. This means no kits or craft items such as (but not limited to) molds, acrylic blanks, transfer images, foils, stamps, cutters, and embroidery kits are permitted. 

As for casts, if it has a dome then yes because it prevents a 3rd party from being able to create a mold from it. Casts that allow a mold to be made from it are not permitted.

Where can I find your designs?

You can find them in my Etsy shop, Jenny Savoy Design.

When will you have more designs available?

While I would love to create more designs my schedule is currently jam packed with no end in sight at the moment. 

I am currently working on new embroidery designs for my embroidery shop, running a blog, tattooing, creating fabric patterns, and have plans to create an embroidery book when I can squeeze it in.

What is the best way to contact you?

Message me on Etsy!